Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oz - Or So I Wish

Hello World!  I have been on hiatus for a good while.  Everytime I thought about writing on "Ward of the Court", I would feel overwhelmed; not because I didn't have any material to write about.  I had too much to write about.  You see, I spent the majority of space on this blog writing about being a child witness to domestic violence.  My raw juvenile emotions all compacted tight, like a ball of heavy clay smushed into a tiny body finally developed an adult voice and a cool medium to vent and release.

For the last two years, that door that I thought was closed shut many years ago was opened again.  This time, it was a doorway to a different world.  Strange and wonderful at the same time.  No, I didn't travel to Oz although the flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch would have been much tamer than my Kansas. 

I met my father again.  After 18 years, he entered my life again.  In an instant, I was captured up into a twister of conflicting emotions, whirling around up and down.  It all started when I heard that my father might be dying.  I called his parole officer for confirmation and she could not reveal much but she did say that he was not well at all.  I took that to mean that he was terminal.  It turned out that he was terminal.  I went home that night and alone in my living room, I started to wail like a mysterious animal caught in a trap in the woods.  I surprised myself.  I still loved my father. 

The events that happened after that, on the yellow-bricked road of sorts, leading up to our meeting again are book-worthy.  I will reveal those happenings in the next blog. 

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Anonymous said...

Life is about as complex an existance as there is, and our ability for emotion makes it more so. When we step back and look at that emotion we see how much of it controls of us, how big it is within our selves and how broad asweep it has in all, even illogical circumstances. But where ever it takes you is yours alone. L.S.

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