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Anyone out there who has been reading this blog knows that my father shot my mother to death in the presence of me and my two siblings and attempted but failed to murder us as well. Presently, I have come to a good place in my adult life where I can now use my life experience to help others. 2009 is the first year that Domestic Violence Awareness Month is in May. Last year, when it fell in October, I came upon a great nationwide movement that celebrates survivors of domestic abuse and the power of women to band together to Support, Benefit and Empower! The 'Purple Ribbon Council to Cut Out Domestic Abuse' is a non-profit organization set up to Break the Silence of Domestic Violence, Break the Cycle and Save Lives.

Every first Thursday of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Purple Ribbon Council hosts a creative fundraising event held simultaneously in various cities across the U.S. The venue is a salon and spa environment and thus, the event is called, "Girls Night Out To Cut Out Domestic Abuse". You get to enjoy a salon/spa experience of your choice at a discounted rate, great food, raffles, a silent auction etc. and the funds go to very worthy non-profit organizations that are soldiers in the fight to eradicate thi silent epidemic of Domestic Abuse such as The Purple Ribbon Council for Children and Cut It Out-Salons Against Domestic Abuse. Since the event I am hosting is in Brooklyn, New York, most of the allocations will go to a local beneficiary. In this case, the beneficiary is "Sanctuary for Families"- New York's largest non-profit set up to aid women and their families who are victims of Domestic Violence.

Although the world is in economic turmoil, I believe in the power of the human spirit to make a difference regardless of the odds. Already I am receiving a large outpouring of volunteer support that really brings joy to my heart and renews my confidence in human beings. I really wish these great organizations existed in full force when my mom was alive. Who knows, maybe she would be here with my siblings and I today. So we have to make sure that they stay in operation.
My mother was a woman who always gave of herself to charities. She had the biggest heart of anyone that I know to date. The world lost a really great woman who no doubt would still be using her life today to help change the world. Let's all use our lives to be the change that we want to see. If you would like to attend, the details of Brooklyn's Girl's Night Out event are below.

DATE: Thursday, May 7th 2009

TIME: 5:00pm - 9:00pm


2384 86th Street and 24th Avenue

Brooklyn, New York

To buy tickets or to make a donation, please go to and click on the Tickets tab.
*If you would like to have a Girl's Night Out event in your city or town, please refer to the website above as well.

Thank you lovely people for your support!

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Richard said...

Hey lady... I completely bow my head to your efforts. Kudos on what you are doing and your own personal growth!!

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