Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown Revisited

Hello again everyone. I have not neglected the huge Rihanna/Chris Brown story. I know that everyone has voiced their opinions on this subject in all facets of media. Although Rihanna's situation is unfortunate, fortunately it lends a forum for Domestic Violence to be spoken about on a broad scale for people of all ages, especially tweens and teenagers who idolize the two performers.

Should a woman or man who is struck by their significant other continue the relationship hopeful that he or she will not hit them again? Oprah Winfrey has been criticized for adamantly proclaiming on her show that, "... a man who hits a woman will hit her again!" Some people on her forum have even stated that she is being extremely judgemental. I say that Oprah is right on the money. These people who are criticizing her comment have never been exposed to domestic violence. They are fortunate to have never experienced it but we all don't need to be exposed to terrorist acts to realize that terrorists will stop at nothing to get their point (whatever it may be in their warped minds) across. What I am trying to say is, if you have not been privy to the outworkings of Domestic Violence, educate yourself. We all need to know why Domestic Violence exists and what the signs of Domestic Abuse are and how a victim of Domestic Violence can escape.

To all those who think that we shouldn't get involved in Chris Brown and Rihanna's business or the business of any other couple who is experiencing Domestic Violence, please pay attention to this next line. Domestic Violence is a Societal Issue. The breakdown of family is the pre-requisite to the breakdown of our community and thus our country. The great empire of Rome which annihilated its enemies, implemented the most effective war tactics and instituted a government that is still in effect as the blueprint for the powerful governments of the Western world today, stood the test of time until one element completely eroded at their culture and eventually caused its fall-The breakdown of the family unit.

The family unit is so crucial that it can make or break an entire empire and thus the world. Domestic Violence is a poison that will destroy families if it is allowed to continue. This is why we as citizens need to step in. Now that doesn't mean that we should just throw ourselves into the middle of a dispute. There are many many organizations set up to help the victim and the abuser, such as UNIFEM and Safe Horizon. To the left of this article, you will notice a column of links to various helpful resources.

Back to Rihanna and Chris Brown. Sadly, Rihanna is back with her abuser, sending a message to him that she is his property under his control and sending a message to tweens and teenagers who look up to them that its okay for their boyfriends and girlfriends to hit them, push them etc. now and again. An ovewhelming number of young women were already in abusive relationships before Chris Brown's public attack of Rihanna. By the way, Rihanna admitted to police that this was not the first time he struck her. It's so sad. Can you imagine how many young girls will now use Rihanna and Chris Brown as a crutch to justify staying with their abuser?

I really wish that Rihanna would read this post or get some kind of help from some where. She doesn't realize that as time goes by and Brown spirals more out of control, she will be following along with him as his little punching bag. I believe that when Domestic Violence situations are left alone long enough to grow and fester, they will most definately end up in death. I am unfortunately speaking from experience.

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Omar said...

Interesting article. The family unit is very important in society. Also, I think we need to find out the root of the problem between Chris and Rihanna. Most of our actions stem from childhood

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