Monday, March 23, 2009

Early Release

I just received official notice from the Parole Board that my father will be released from prison on June 19th 2009. After serving 16 years of his 7 1/4 - 25 year sentence for murdering my mother, he will soon enjoy an early conditional release because of good behavior. Of course my father would be on his best behavior. There was no woman for him to abuse while in prison. I see men who beat women as very, very weak individuals. Inside, they know they are weak but instead of trying to change this, the best way in their minds to make it up is by getting angry and showing their machismo by either finding a weaker woman (if the woman is not completely weak, they pummel her until she is manageable) and punishing her. When a woman cries and begs and pleads for him to stop beating her, raping her etc., this gives the abuser more "power".

The official letter from the Parole Board states that my father will be released to a parole officer. A parole officer? My family and I made sure that my father was put on the immigration deportation list and for years we were told that upon release, he would be automatically placed in a detention center where he would await a plane ride back to his country of birth. So I called the Parole Board who referred me to U.S. Immigration. The immigration officer was quite helpful but when he told me that my father's fate, whether he would be deported or not, rests with immigration I just shook my head. All these years that my family and I were trekking to parole board hearings every two years, we made sure to have my father's information looked up to make sure he was still on the deportation list. And now there is a possibility that he may remain in the United States?

The immigration rep. took my contact information and said he will send me two forms to fill out and return so that I would be updated on my father's status. I await those forms.

For the first time, now that the reality of my father's release is staring me in the face, I am not scared. I have been released from my fear of him and it feels liberating! I just want to forget that he exists. If I see him, that would remind me that he does. I want him to live the rest of his life in his little corner of the world knowing that he can never see his children again in the flesh. My siblings and I were robbed of a loving mother. He should be robbed of us.

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