Friday, January 23, 2009

Will President Obama Turn His Attention to Domestic Violence?

So here we are with a new year, a new President, a new Administration and a new ideal way of looking at things. I do praise President Barack Obama's swift actions to close down the "Concentration Camps" in Guantanamo Bay. This shows his character and intolerance of atrocities. I know he has alot on his plate but my hope is that he turns his attention also to the silent epidemic of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence is a thermometer or symptom of a morally declining society. This type of violence directed towards someone who was once love by the assailant or who is at least in a position where love is supposed to flourish (marriage, intimate relationship) is so conrtradictory that it is sick. It shows a lack of love for self on the part of the victim and the abuser. It is sad but in my observation, most people do not love themselves. I don't believe that anyone can rise to their potential and live a happy life unless they have love for self. Love for self is so crucial that if everyone in America hated themselves, American culture would truly crumble because no one would care enough to work towards the betterment of their neighborhood, let alone themselves.

At least with Vice President Joe Biden on his side, I have a strong feeling that President Obama will act towards eradicating Domestic Violence. Honestly, if the reforms that Biden worked hard to put in place existed when my mom was alive, I believe she may still be alive today. Everytime she called the police when she was attacked by my father, she would never press charges and he was left to abuse her another day.

Be that as it may, I cracked open a fortune cookie yesterday and the fortune read, "If you keep looking back, you will end up there." Very deep indeed! I believe its best to remember past mistakes and situations so that I don't find myself there again. But I will spend the majority of my time looking forward to a better future for all with the hope for change glittering in my eyes!

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