Thursday, December 11, 2008


Wherever you are mommy, Happy Birthday!

My mom would have been 57 years of age today if my abusive father didn't cut her life short with a single bullet. I want my mother's death to be an example to current victims of Domestic Violence. I want her death to save lives as these women and men come to the realization that this too can be their fate. All of those days, weeks, months, years, decades of violence can come to fruition. Domestic Violence is a senseless, cave-manish way of life. Life was meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Do you not think that you deserve to have a good life, free of violence? If you are a victim of Domestic Violence and you have access to a computer, please refer to the links to the left of this article to find help. Let's help stop this silent epidemic.

Besides my mom's death, I want her life to be remembered. Regardless of making the decision to endure the violence my father exacted upon her, she tried to use her life to help others. First and foremost she was a wonderful mother to my siblings and I. Her example has taken the three of us to great heights in our young adult lives. Although my brother was only 3 years old at the time and has no memory of her, he can see her essence exuded from my sister and I.

My mom also tried to help the poor by giving to charities monetarily and by giving of her time volunteering. She was the glue that kept the relationships in her family (brothers, sisters and mom) together. When she died, family bonds died after and have never been the same. She had many friends that called her sister. My mom is missed by many but she left a beautiful, shimmering mark behind that people still gaze at with admiration. Her quality of woman is rarely seen but when I look in the mirror, I am proud to say that I see her. I love you Mommy. Happy Birthday!

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