Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's Silence the Silent Epidemic

Hello All! I am just resurfacing from a long, much needed holiday weekend. This past Saturday, Oct. 11th, there was a walk in the borough of Queens called, “Walking with New Hope Against Domestic Violence" sponsored by New Hope Lutheran Church. It was a walk to raise awareness and educate the community about domestic violence. The walk itself stretched for 2.5 miles and along the sojourn, informative literature was handed out to the public. Also on Saturday, The “Garden of Hope” sponsored a legal workshop called Immigration Remedies for Domestic Violence. Sanctuary for Families’ staff attorney, Yi Jen Chang covered VAWA, battered spouse waivers and U-Visas in Chinese.

On the menu tonight for those in the New York City area who are interested, News 12 Brooklyn presents, DiVA Talk, a one-hour live talk and call-in forum addressing domestic violence issues with experts. Information will also be available on where to go for advice and help. The location is the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, Stevan Dweck Center for Contemporary Culture – 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York. RSVP is required (718) 537-3405. Tomorrow, October 15th, The Advisory Council, NYC Elder Abuse Center Planning Project will be sponsoring an educational forum called, “Breakthroughs in Elder Abuse & Neglect: Multidisciplinary Approaches Promising Results. This event is a Weill Cornell Medical College, Continuing Medical Education activity. Laura Mosqueda M.D. and Laura Giles, M.S.G. will be presenting. The one hour forum will be followed by a reception at Weill Cornell Medical College –Uris Auditorium, 1300 York Avenue @ 69th Street, New York, NY. Many people don’t realize that Child Abuse and Elder Abuse falls under the category of Domestic Abuse. When we think of HOME, we want to have feelings of comfort and well being, not morbid fear. For many, there is nothing homely about HOME. It is so unfortunate, but I believe if we keep on educating the public and increasing their awareness, this silent epidemic will lose its silence and become cured.

I have been working on getting a table set up in my place of employment. The great part is that I work in a hospital. The kind of traffic we get comes from all over the neighborhood so I am hoping that this venture will educate some people who may be in abusive relationships to get help. I also want silent people who know of a friend or family member suffering at the hands of an abuser to lose their silence and extend the informative pamphlets and brochures to them. Today I received a box of literature from a very helpful woman in the District Attorney’s office downtown Brooklyn. It felt like Christmas when I saw the delivery man walk through the door. I secured a table with Facilities and a space from the Room Scheduling department for October 30th. I know it’s all the way at the end of Domestic Violence Awareness Month but that was the only date available. Therefore, in the meantime, I have been posting flyers from the “Million Voices Campaign” all over the first floor of the hospital to touch people as they pass by. I’ve also decided to simply stand outside of the cafeteria that gets the most traffic and give out literature. I hope that the whole campaign reaps great results.

October is such an exciting month for raising awareness about Domestic Violence. Let us all take a stand and Silence the Silent Epidemic. It is our responsibility.


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Stumbled across this through google alerts. I am glad we have such enthusiastic campaign members! Thank you!

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