Saturday, October 18, 2008

Domestic Abuse vs. Drug Abuse

Being a victim of drug abuse and being a victim of Domestic Violence is very similar. I know it sounds strange but let’s just look at the parallels.

a) Drug abusers believe that they can not live without their drug of choice.
b) Women and men in abusive relationships believe they cannot live without that insignificant other.

a) Drug abusers think that the drugs make them feel good.
b) Victims of Domestic Violence believe that the one abusing them really loves them.

a) Drugs and their effects become part of the brain’s hard wiring, creating new neural synapses, forcing the brain to crave it.
b) Abusers brainwash their victims to believe they are basically nothing without them.

a) Drugs slowly destroy the user, emotionally, physically, psychologically etc.
b) An Abuser slowly destroy their victim, emotionally, physically, psychologically etc.

a) Drug Abuse affects not only the user but the entire family.
b) Domestic Abuse affects not only the victim but the entire family.

a) When a drug abuser makes the decision to become clean, it is a long, hard struggle against themselves. The transition is excruciating.
b) When a victim takes that step to get away from the abuser, it is a long, struggle; an uphill battle and the transition is painful but possible.


Wow! I knew there were similarities but I didn’t know the list would turn out this long. I’m sure there are some more comparisons that I didn’t touch on. All in all, the point is that being a victim of Domestic Violence is life threatening, therefore, the victims need to be aware of programs set out to help them rid themselves of the filth and “become clean” so to speak. To the left of this article, I have listed a few programs online. If you are a victim or know someone who is, please take advantage of them. Breaking away from a life of abuse is not impossible.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting correlations, I had never thought about it like that. Also, thank you for the links very helpful.


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