Saturday, September 20, 2008

My BFF- Best Friend Forever

With pencil in hand and blank, white paper staring at me, I discovered my best friend forever. My best friend has no gender and can not be seen by mere eyes, it is felt and through it I have gotten through the worst of times. My BFF is writing. I discovered my ability to write fictional stories at the age of 6 and even better than that, I realized that I could travel anywhere and be anything I wanted to be when I put pencil to paper and allowed my imagination to soar. It was and still is my best friend. When my father would attack my mother, I would slink back into my room, pull out my favorite composition notebook and just write about being somewhere else. I could literally block out their sounds as I delved deeper into the story at hand. Writing is still the perfect emotional outlet for me.

I am sharing this because we all need emotional outlets to carry us through the rough times. We just have to figure out the best ones for us personally. It could be painting or sculpting and please remember, no one said your works have to be perfect. Usually, art born out of emotional turmoil has the most depth. But if you feel that you are not artistically inclined, don't worry. Playing a sport is a great physical way to release negative energy. If that's not for you, try exercising, pruning Bonsai plants, Tai Chi or Yoga, reading etc. Other emotional outlets for me are coloring in my kid's coloring books. My little one, the feisty one, is tired of me using her books, so I've decided to get my own. Another one for me is listening to water flow. I don't have one of those fancy fountains (although I would like one) but when water falls in between my stacks of dishes in the kitchen sink, it is the most pleasant sound. And I try not think about having to wash them afterwards.

My main emotional outlet just happens to be my own BFF. There are many outlets out there just waiting to be discovered by you. You'll be surprised!

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Anonymous said...

Journal therapy has long saved many from suicide and the mental institutions. The Great Spirit has given you a gift that must be shared.

May the Muse always be with you!

All the best,
Walking with Stars

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